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National Juris University works with firms nationwide to train their staff. In as little as 13 months, our unique online program will teach your employees everything that they need to know in order to add value to your organization.

The depth and complexity of our program are comparable to those of classroom programs taught in the nation's finest schools.

Attorneys who are interested in paralegal training at NPC are invited to view sample courses, which demonstrate the depth of our paralegal certificate and degree programs.

In addition, please note that all NPC students complete at least 36 research assignments using LexisNexis and become highly proficient in legal research.

Tuition discounts are available for firms that enroll multiple employees. For details, please call 800-371-6105 or e-mail

The following articles were written by members of our faculty:

Article TitleCourse AssociationView Article
Advanced Research StrategiesLGL-501 Legal Research and Writing
Accessing and Evaluating Information for ResearchLGL-501 Legal Research and Writing
Effective Critical ReadingLGL-501 Legal Research and Writing
Intellectual Property Law Issues in Legal and Academic WritingLGL-501 Legal Research and Writing
Checks and Balances and the Three Branches of GovernmentLGL-502 Constitutional Law
Judicial ReviewLGL-502 Constitutional Law
Overview of Legal EthicsLGL-503 Legal Ethics
Practical Applications of the Statute of FraudsLGL-504: Contracts
Assumption of Risk and the Tony Stewart CaseLGL-505 Torts
Fundamentals of Tort LawLGL-505 Torts
Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: Deposits and Real Estate ContractsLGL-506 Real Property
Glossary of Important Terms in the fields of Wills, Trusts and EstatesLGL-508 Wills, Trusts, and Estates
Law Review Article on the Effects of RICOLGL-551 White Collar Crimes
White Collar CrimeLGL-551 White Collar Crimes
Comparing S Corporations and PartnershipsLGL-553 Business Organizations and Corporate Compliance
Medical Marijuana vs. ADA in the WorkplaceLGL-554 Employment Law
Understanding the 1890 Warren and Brandeis “The Right to Privacy” ArticleLGL-555 Information Privacy Law
The Perils of Hobby LobbyLGL-558 Employee Benefits Law
Overview of Federal Income Taxation for individualsTAX-501 Federal Income Tax
Using Entities in Estate Planning for Valuation DiscountingTAX-504 Partnership Tax
Federal Transfer TaxesTAX-507 Federal Transfer Tax